Determine Strap Length


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How To Determine Strap Length
Cut one of the straps off your furniture. Place both pieces of the strap in a pot of water just under boiling, about 200 degrees. Let sit for about 5 minutes and remove. Measure both pieces from end to end and this will be the original strap length.

Straps can be different lengths on the same piece of furniture. Sometimes the seat straps can be a different length than the back straps for example. If the lengths look different they probably are.

If you have any problems with this procedure feel free to email us or send us a strap with your order and we can measure it for you.

*Lengths and rolls of vinyl also available*
To order vinyl straps follow these easy steps:
  1. Measure the width of your straps.
  2. Determine the length of your straps. more info...
  3. Determine the type of strap endcuts needed. more info...
  4. Count the number of straps needed.
  5. Determine if any clips or fasteners are needed. more info...
  6. Choose your strap colors. more info...
  7. Call us at 317-298-4588, fax at 317-298-8186 or Email to place your order.
We only use the highest quality color extruded vinyls. Strapping is available in a wide variety of colors and widths.


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